Performance & Environmental Health Evaluations

FPC delivers fully integrated energy efficiency services to our clients by way of energy audits, feasibility studies, utilities/bills/metering analysis and optimisation of existing facility systems coupled with functional and energy performance.

In parallel with this service we provide performance monitoring  and environmental health checks where we carry out a full review of the HVAC systems and can advise on operational efficiency optimisation opportunities with appealing ROI analysis.

We are continuously looking to implement a cohesive balance between energy savings and desired performance and comfort for our clients and have delivered many projects where real-time savings have been achieved to benefit our clients bottom line.

We work very closely with our clients to ensure that project goals are fully developed and understood prior to implementation. All risks and opportunities are assessed to provide a turnkey solution that FPC self- delivers to the highest standard.


  • Energy Assessments
  • HVAC performance efficiency


  • Cost savings 
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