Digital Buildings

FPC is a world leading Digital Buildings consultancy services and solutions provider. Our global team has unrivalled experience and an outstanding track record designing, developing and delivering at scale Digital Buildings programs, projects and solutions for the global real estate portfolios of world leading brands. We are uniquely placed to enable you to realise the value of solutions that make your buildings more sustainable, flexible, cyber secure, efficient and reduce operating costs.

Some examples of the Digital Buildings projects our team have delivered include: 

  • Defining and applying Digital Buildings and MEP standards for global real estate portfolios 
  • Design and delivery of Digital Buildings solutions for both greenfield and brownfield projects for a global real estate portfolio  
  • Digital Building Health Check, Readiness and Cyber Security Risk Assessments for a global real estate portfolio
  • Cyber Security Risk Reduction Program for Operational Technology (OT) systems across a global property portfolio
  • Converging Operational Technology (OT) systems such as BAS/BMS, LCS, EMS, AV, etc. with corporate Enterprise Architecture for a global technology client
  • Design, development and delivery of an end-to-end Digital Building platform for the hospitality market. Solution comprising end user mobile applications, business applications, OT device fleet management, 3rd party systems integration, both on-premise and cloud-based Digital Building OT / control solutions using UDMI, MQTT, Restful APIs, Data Lake and Digital Twins
  • Design, development and launch of an IoT edge controller for HVAC, Lighting, AV, Blinds/Drapes and network/WiFi

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The FPC IoT division delivers Internet of Things (IoT) Consultancy Services and Solutions on a global basis. Our highly skilled and experienced consultants have designed, developed and delivered IoT projects and solutions across a wide range of markets and business types, including for some of the world’s leading brands and technology companies. 

We are uniquely placed to enable you to realise the opportunities that the IoT and Industry 4.0 Revolution presents for your business and customers alike. Our consultants can help you to define the IoT Vision and Strategy for your business and then execute that strategy through project and solution development and delivery. 

Some examples of the IoT projects our team have worked on include: 

  • Defining and Applying Digital (Smart) Buildings Standards across a global property portfolio 
  • Designing and Delivering Digital Smart Buildings in New Construction Projects 
  • IoT Readiness and Risk Assessment 
  • Designing, developing and implementation of a niche market specialist IoT hardware product 
  • Designing, developing and delivering integrated end-to-end IoT solutions across mobile applications, on-premise and cloud-based IoT systems using Restful APIs, Data Lake and Digital Twins
  • Designing, Delivering and Operating IoT Smart Buildings systems 

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Digital / Smart Buildings, OT Solutions

Operational Technology (OT) solutions for commercial real estate, data centers, hospitality, warehousing and pharmaceutical / industrial faciltities.

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Digital Buildings Readiness, Health Check & Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Determine the Digital Building readiness, performance / health and cyber security risks of your OT solutions. 

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IoT Consultancy & Solutions

Our IoT experts have designed and delivered market-disrupting leading edge IoT Digital and Mobile solutions for a wide range of markets.

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Embedded Resources

We help some of the world’s leading companies to develop and realise their vision and strategy for IoT and Digital Smart Buildings for their business and customers by providing highly qualified and experienced embedded resources that work alongside our client’s teams to deliver on IoT related projects and solutions. 

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Digital & Smart Building Consultancy

We can help define a vision and strategy for Digital / Smart Buildings and IoT solutions across your property portfolio and then work with you throughout the project lifecycle to improve ROI and reduce long-term operational costs whilst delivering truly Digital Smart Buildings.

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