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Google Hyderabad HGU Campus

Building Services Maintainability Review Consultancy Services

The HGU Campus in Hyderabad is a significant investment for Google as the footprint in India continues to grow.



3.2m Sq Ft



Types of issues identified were related to:

  • Key equipment and ancillary devices that were not drawn in the design that have access and maintenance requirements. We worked with the design team to ensure these items were added to the design/BIM model and reviewed/confirmed the access and maintenance arrangements.
  • Re-design of certain areas to improve access and maintenance logistics and hence provide significant savings for Google. For example on this project, it was the roof plant track design for the permanent winch crane located on the roof
  • Inaccessibility of valves, instrumentation, electrical and controls devices that required to be re-designed/relocated to provide the ability to access. This affected high density services areas such as plant rooms, services risers and roof plant areas.
  • Special platform or built in equipment access requirements identified to provide the required level of access to perform safe and effective maintenance. An example on this project were the rooftop cooling towers that didnt have high level access as part of the design. We worked with the design team to design this in which in turn would be fabricated and delivered to site as part of the equipment installation which in the long term will save the project time and money.



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