Did you know??? FPC delivers global scale Technology Deployment Services
Mar 12, 2024

Did you know??? FPC delivers global scale Technology Deployment Services

Bella Phillips

Project Manager

Did you know that Facility Performance Consulting provides ‘Global Technology Deployment Services’ to our clients? 

In today's dynamic business landscape, the interface between client teams and technology suppliers within Commercial Real Estate (CRE) has become increasingly complex, particularly across a global footprint portfolio. Enter FPC’s Global Technology Deployment Service: a strategic service bridging this gap and facilitating seamless at scale delivery of products and solutions. 

But what exactly is our Global Technology Deployment Service, and why is it invaluable to our clients?

Bella Phillips, Global Technology Deployment team lead, explains our service in more detail.

At its core, the Global Technology Deployment Service manages the deployment of a variety of technical solutions for  our clients, providing a day-to-day interface between suppliers, project stakeholders and client teams. This enables our clients to focus on core business activities, safe in the knowledge that the global deployment of initiatives is progressing towards achieving business goals, whilst being in line with client expectations from a quality, risk management, commercial and schedule perspective. 

The methodology underpinning our Global Technology Deployment Service is not confined to a single product or technology; it's adaptable nature makes it straight-forward to implement new initiatives. Due to this, clients can scale delivery efficiently, whether that’s expanding into new markets or boosting growth within existing ones. This scalability ensures that deployment of new CRE technologies can support ever evolving business needs.

At present the service works within many workstreams delivering technical solutions, Digital Building solutions and office technologies.This includes facets such as IT vending machines, bookable desk kits and other IT technologies to significantly enhance staff productivity by streamlining processes, improving communication and reducing errors. 

Over the past year alone, we’ve deployed over 600 solutions, within 230 buildings spanning 25 countries globally.

Each deployment is customised based on factors such as office size, infrastructure requirements, and user preferences. By leveraging scalable solutions and adapting to varying requirements, the team has facilitated seamless technology adoption and improved workplace experiences for employees globally.

Our Global Technology Deployment Service acts as a central interface between clients and third-party delivery entities, performing a pivotal role that ensures effective communication, smooth coordination, and timely delivery to meet project requirements. This streamlined approach continues to minimise misunderstandings, delays, and friction points whilst ensuring that stakeholders are aligned and working towards common goals. Clients rest assured knowing they don't have to deal with day-to-day problems and are well-informed throughout all stages of delivery.

A key component of the Global Technology Deployment Service for at-scale deployment is our in-timezone regional teams, complemented by a global service team in India. This enables us to provide in region support to clients and stakeholders, whilst offshoring non timezone sensitive deliverables, collectively ensuring a high quality of service in the most commercially efficient manner. Our services have helped clients optimise deployment strategies, minimise deployment expenses and ensured that suppliers and project resources are utilised effectively.

We foster a collaborative approach, working closely with client and supplier teams to ensure that all technical aspects of the solution are defined and understood. This collaborative approach fosters transparency and empowers clients to make informed decisions. 

One of our USPs is our well-developed and practised processes. These standardised procedures, refined through lessons learnt, form the backbone of our operations. Our experienced program improvement team will work closely with your internal systems and processes to identify areas for enhancement. With a keen focus on automation, our primary objective is to streamline operations by implementing automated solutions across various tasks, including reporting and intake processes. By leveraging automation, we not only optimise our efficiency but also deliver substantial benefits to our clients in terms of time and cost savings. This strategic approach allows us to drive efficiency gains while ensuring seamless operations, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and satisfaction for our clients.

Ultimately, our team's experience and expertise has enabled us to overcome the challenges of global technology deployment that arise within the Commercial Real Estate environment and through our continuous improvement approach we continue to refine and improve processes whilst seeking opportunities to make further efficiencies available to our clients, which in turn maximises the value of deployed technologies. 

Whether it's globally rolling out technical solutions or delivering large pieces of equipment our teams are equipped to make the client's life easier. We regularly mitigate risks associated with technology deployment, such as delays, errors, or disruptions. By proactively managing these risks, clients can minimise downtime and maintain business continuity, safeguarding their reputation and customer satisfaction.

By leveraging the Global Technology Deployment Service, clients can navigate complex projects with confidence, knowing that they have a trusted partner guiding them every step of the way. FPC empowers clients to optimise their technology deployment processes, achieve their business objectives more efficiently, and stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving marketplace.

Experiencing problems with scaled technology deployment? Ready to streamline your deployment processes and elevate your business operations? Contact us today to learn how FPC’s Technology Deployment Services can guide your organisation through complex large scale deployment projects with confidence. Let’s team up to achieve your deployment goals efficiently and effectively. 


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