April 2024 Employee Spotlight with Bhargavi Siripragada
Apr 24, 2024

April 2024 Employee Spotlight with Bhargavi Siripragada

Bhargavi Siripragada

Technical Content Manager

In our April employee spotlight, Facility Performance Consulting had the opportunity to chat with Bhargavi Siripargada, our Technical Content Manager stationed in Hyderabad, India. Bhargavi plays a crucial role in our digital building team, aiding our clients in IoT solutions development through technical content creation, website development, and validation testing. With a wealth of IT solutions expertise and content writing experience, Bhargavi consistently delivers outstanding service to our clients as they embark on their global solution rollout journey.

What unique aspect of FPC's work culture or values do you find most inspiring or beneficial to your professional growth?

I have around 11+ years of work experience and I can proudly say that I have worked with different organizations (startup, small, medium and large scale) all these years before joining FPC. 
Working with FPC is like working with your best friend, there is no room to hide or step back on sharing your thoughts, problems or even the things you want to change in any of the existing workflows. The trust FPC has in their employees adds more responsibility to our shoulders to derive the best business outcomes always.
The employee centric work culture of FPC is the one which motivates me to upscale myself with the latest trends and technologies and contribute better each day, as I wish to see such a humble organization reach its goals and emerge as the leading Digital Buildings Consultants across the globe.

Can you share a memorable moment from your career that taught you a valuable lesson?

My 11 years of career journey has always been a learning saga. But when it comes to the lessons learned, I strongly believe that one should always have a plan B for their career scope. Never rely on one technology or one trend, we need to frequently upscale ourselves to meet the growing job market demands.

In the dynamic field of technical content writing, what recent trend or innovation within your niche has intrigued you the most, and how do you envision it shaping the future of your work?

The invasion of AI into the writing domain is disrupting like never before. Initially I was taken aback by the intelligence of AI and how it can deliver your content needs within seconds as required. I thought it would be a greater threat to my field and even for jobs like mine.
But when I have understood AI better, now I see that as a blessing or a powerful support system to churn out the best content with global standards. Nothing in the world can ever compete with Human brain and I strongly believe that when you are skilled and have passion for your work, you can turn every threat into a great learning opportunity.

What's the most unexpected or unconventional skill you've acquired during your professional journey that has proven surprisingly useful?

Writing is the skill for which I am known today. When I started writing as a hobby, I did not even dream of that becoming my profession today. Writing is always in my bones. 

If you had to create a playlist that represents your work style, what three songs would be on it, and why?

Who says - Selena Gomez, this song brings in lots of self confidence, this is my first song to listen whenever I feel low.
Try Everything - Shakira, from the movie Zootopia, I just love this song and I do listen to it when I am trying a new thing whether it is in my work life or personal life
I am a great fan of Sirivennela Seetha Ramasastry (Tollywood Lyric Writer). Every song of his will act like a stress buster for me.

Share a project or accomplishment that you're particularly proud of, and the lessons you've taken away from it.

I have got a golden opportunity to write a few Telugu songs for both films and short films in Tollywood. I cherish that moment when I saw my name as the Lyricist on screen. And this taught me to always aim for the next step in your career and hard work always gets paid off.

What’s your go-to method for staying motivated and productive during challenging times at work?

Whenever there is a challenging time at work, I just focus on the very first step/thing to do to start the work rather than focusing on the entire workload at the beginning. That first step guides me, teaches me and helps me to plan the rest of the workload easily.
Also, as most of my work includes writing and thinking, I follow Pomorodo technique, which I have learnt to adapt this year and reaping the benefits from it.

If you could invite any three people (living or historical figures) to a dinner party, who would they be and why?

Swami Vivekananada: He has been my inspiration since childhood, a true leader and epitome of knowledge. Having dinner with such a great person will be truly a blessing.
My late Telugu Teacher (Nirmala Mam): My favorite teacher who always encouraged me and told me nothing is impossible if we have a willing heart and an intention to work hard to achieve it.
My late Grandmother: My darling, one who raised me, strongest lady I ever met. A great cook and a pure soul. I just want to hug and tell how far I have come in my life with her blessings and share all the things I have achieved so far.

If you had to describe your work style using a movie title, what would it be and why?

I would choose a telugu movie title "Happy Days”, as I wish my team to remember the days they worked with me as the happiest days of their career.

Tell us about a work challenge that seemed insurmountable at first, but you ultimately conquered. How did you approach it, and what did you learn from the experience?

When I was working as a Freelance Writer during the year 2020, a startup company approached me to create their digital presence which includes their website creation, writing and publishing, business documents etc and also social media marketing. That was a huge responsibility for me because I have no team to support. 
But I have taken that as a challenge and was successful in meeting the client's expectations. That opportunity has taught me how capable I am and there are no boundaries if you are willing to learn and adapt new skills.

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