Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness
Jun 29, 2023

Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness

Simon Pearce

2023 marks the third year where FPC have held the annual presentation to recognise the importance of bringing the subject of mental health and wellbeing to all our employees. As an organisation, we feel it’s extremely important to ensure that our employees feel they are able to speak up and ask for help if they need to.

This month we rolled out our annual Mental Health and Wellbeing presentation to our global colleagues. All presentations were regionalised to ensure the presentations were tailored to provide regional statistics relevant to our teams across the globe.

The presentations focussed on the 3 most common types of mental ill health which are Anxiety, Stress and Depression. We provided examples of many different ways to increase one's well being.

When we researched the data of people around the globe that suffer from mental ill health, the results were staggering! It is also worth noting that all the statistics available for research are for reported cases only. One can quite rightly surmise that the actual figure is significantly higher as most people probably do not report their mental ill health for fear of this affecting their security within their workplace.

The annual presentation serves also as the precursor to the annual FPC employee wellbeing survey which is being compiled using the HSE Stress Indicator Tool (SIT) and will be issued to our employees over the coming weeks. We have found this resource very useful in gauging how all of our employees feel within the company and within their role by analysing the answers given across 7 factors:

  1. Demands
  2. Control
  3. Managers Support
  4. Peer Support
  5. Relationships
  6. Role
  7. Change

The mental wellbeing of our people is paramount to our success as a company. Without them we would not be able to provide the high standard services across the globe.

Professional help from doctors, medical professionals and organisations:





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